Innovations in High Performance Computing


High Performance & Real-time computing solutions for Data Analytics

We are a research & development organisation focused on finding solutions to fast data analysis problems.  We are at the dawn of a new analytics revolution. Every possible process going into computers, and more and more data is available now, it is possible to do much more than just summarise , possibly implications of the analysis will affect how the organisations are managed, our day to day life; from running of efficient transport to daily commodity prices will use some or other forms of analytics.

For an organisation analysing various trends in input, out put and various factors in the process will lead to better understanding of consumer behaviour, trends. It will allow for possible predictions on future trends and better manage investments. Also it will enable to understand dependencies between various factors that is a few years back was a complete black box. One of the major implications will be efficient management of risks.

We have developed some innovative solutions to large data problems.

GIGA Tester

A small demonstration program to solve running large number of regression tests in parallel running on many ‘commodity class pcs’ / ‘servers’. It is kind of grid enabled testing framework, uses Graph Theory concepts, C++ embedded python interpreter, Asynchronous Network IO and Boost Spirit based command response protocol. It solves many issues faced when using a legacy testing framework which is not much relevant in modern times where typical large projects contain multiple millions lines of code, thousands of unit / functional / regression tests. The framework makes it possible to execute a small subset of dependent tests if source code to tests dependencies are set correctly.


Stream FX